About me

I am an ethnologist with a passion for both research and teaching.

I have worked in universities in France and Finland, taught ethnology and political science to undergraduate and graduate students.

I have also worked in the field of audio-visual production, assisting filmmakers in their projects, and developing my own.

In my latest position, I co- curated and co- produced a hands-on and interactive exhibition about literature and art of the SWANA area, Baytuna, now touring Finland.

On this website, you can explore samples of my work and explore the projects I have taken part in. Have a question ? Write me a message through the contact function.

Research talks

AN­EE’s Two Minute Videos: Eth­ni­city =/= ​​​Culture

Migration in the Ancient Near East

Symbolic acrobatics and economic phenomena in early Mesopotamian states.

Direction and production

Living (t)here

What is it like to live (t)here?

Our video project gathers life stories of individuals of different ages, genders, and horizons who were born in Finland and have roots in the Middle East / SWANA area or who arrived here as children, teenagers, or adults. What is it like to grow up in Finland with a multicultural background? How do you perceive your identity and navigate plural feelings of belonging? What is it like to move here from the SWANA area? How does Finnish society look and what does it feel like? How does one relate to their historical heritage and imagine possible futures?

Watch our interviews to learn what it feels like to be part of different societies at the same time, to live in and in between different lifestyles and atmospheres, in a word to live (t)here.

Assistant to film director
Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Planet Ocean
Full project

A Thirsty World

Post-production – Edition

The Blue Group Declaration
Human Rights Council 
Full movie

Climate Voices- 6 billion Others GoodPlanet Foundation
Edition 1
Edition 2
Edition 3
Edition 4

Edition 5